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2022-10-11 Meeting Minutes

For a printable version of the October 11, 2022 Meeting Minutes (which includes all content as listed below), click here.

    October 11, 2022

The Board of County Commissioners of Creek County (BOCC) met in Regular Session on Tuesday, October 11, 2022 at 9:00 a.m., date and time duly posted.

Item #1: Meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by Chairman, Newt Stephens, Jr. Roll Call Stephens present, Warner present, Whitehouse present.

Item #2: Statement of compliance with open meetings act-Chairman.

Item #3: Commissioner Stephens led the Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation.

Item #4: Motion was made by Warner and seconded by Whitehouse to approve the minutes of October 3, 2022 with correction to Item #13 taking out the double negative. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.

Item #5: Motion was made by Warner and seconded by Whitehouse to approve Monthly Appropriations; September Monthly Reports from Treasurer, District Attorney, OSU Extension Services, County Clerk, Court Clerk, Sheriff, Health Department and Assessor; Transfers $5,003.19 from 1214-4-4700-2005 Rentals Fair Board FY2021-2022 to 1214-4-4700-2005 Rentals Fair Board FY2023; $50,000.00 from 0001-1-2000-4110 Capital Outlay/R3 Commissioners FY2021-2022 to 0001-1-2000-1233 Retirement/Comp/Unemp. Commissioners FY2023; $462.00 from 1321-2-8207-2005 Milfay Rural Fire-St County Clerk FY2021-2022 to 1321-2-8207-2005 Milfay Rural Fire-St County Clerk FY2023; $546.02 from 1321-2-8213-4110 Silver City Rural Fire-St County Clerk FY2021-2022 to 1321-2-8213-4110 Silver City Rural Fire-St County Clerk FY2023; $0.01 from 1204-1-1600-2005 Rev Fee Assessor FY2021-2022 to 1204-1-1600-2005 Rev Fee Assessor FY2023; $14,104.55 from 0001-1-3200-2005 Metro Planning Commissioners FY2021-2022 to 0001-1-3200-1110 Metro Planning Salary Commissioners FY2023; $7,016.07 from 1317-2-0400-2005 M&O Sheriff FY2021-2022 to 1317-2-0400-2005 M&O Sheriff FY2023; $6,695.08 from 1315-2-0400-2005 M&O Sheriff FY2021-2022 to 1315-2-0400-2005 M&O Sheriff FY2023; $5,167.10 from 1315-2-8034-2005 Care of Prisoner Sheriff FY2021-2022 to 1315-2-8034-2005 Care of Prisoner Sheriff FY2023; $1,632.29 from 1223-2-0400-2005 Jail Revenues Sheriff FY2021-2022 to 1223-2-0400-2005 Jail Revenues Sheriff FY2023; $40,381.90 from 1226-2-0400-2005 M&O Sheriff FY2021-2022 to 1226-2-0400-2005 M&O Sheriff FY2023; $18,169.58 from 1226-2-1100-2012 Board of Prisoners Sheriff FY2021-2022 to 1226-2-1100-2012 Board of Prisoners Sheriff FY2023; $15,888.03 from 1102-6-4100-2005 T2-1 HWY FY2021-2022 to 1102-6-4100-2005 T2-1 HWY FY2023; $21,959.44 from 1103-6-4100-4030 CBRI1-1 HWY FY2021-2022 to 1103-6-4100-4030 CBRI1-1 HWY FY2023; $3,139.19 from 1102-6-6510-2005 SB1888-D1 HWY FY2021-2022 to 1102-6-6510-2005 SB1888-D1 HWY FY2023; $3,800.00 from 1103-6-4200-4030 CBRI2-2 HWY FY2021-2022 to 1103-6-4200-4030 CBRI2-2 HWY FY2023; $2,145.24 from 1313-6-8043-2005 HWY ST-D3 HWY FY2021-2022 to 1313-6-8043-2005 HWY-ST-D3 FY2023; Blanket Purchase Orders #2231 - 2279; Purchase Orders #2022-2023 911 Phone null 2179 Cimarron Telephone Co 186.81; UNEMPLOYMENT TAXES 2194 OKLA EMPLOYMENT SEC COMM 205.98; Utilities 2189 A T & T 1612.27; Assr Rev Fee Supplies 1961 MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLIES 692.98; CBRI CONCRETE 1992 REMPEL'S ROCK N READY MIX INC 1008.00; CYLINDER RENTAL 1476 Lampton Welding Supply 117.47; General null 1285 WESTLAKE ACE HARDWARE OK-020 357.97; BOCC MINUTES 2051 SAPULPA DAILY HERALD 400.35; BOTTLED WATER 207 FIZZ-O WATER COMPANY 33.80; 1969 FIZZ-O WATER COMPANY 50.70; COMPUTER/EQUIP 2052 Amazon Capital Services 99.99; Labor & Materials 1589 HUDSON PLUMBING HEATING AIR CONDITIONING INC 790.00; Network Services 2175 COX BUSINESS 244.72; PARTS AND LABOR 1328 A & M ELECTRIC INC 222.00; PARTS & SUPPLIES 1501 WESTLAKE ACE HARDWARE OK-020 235.06; PEST CONTROL 1706 EMCO TERMITE & PEST CONTROL INC 15.00; 1846 EMCO TERMITE & PEST CONTROL INC 35.00; PUBLICATION 2029 SAPULPA DAILY HERALD 204.16; Rent 811 B4 HOMES LLC 80.00; SERVICE 203 COX BUSINESS 168.80; 1290 COX BUSINESS 36.41; 1303 COX BUSINESS 366.06; 1603 COX BUSINESS 176.06; 1855 AMERICAN WASTE CONTROL INC 228.00; Supplies 1732 MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLIES 764.01; SUPPLIES 1682 MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLIES 30.81; SUPPLIES AND SERVICE 1672 Elder Water Consulting Inc 165.00; TEMPORARY EMPLOYEE 1786 DYNAMIC RECRUITING SPECIALIST 609.15; 1788 DYNAMIC RECRUITING SPECIALIST 297.60; Tolls 1681 OTA PIKEPASS CENTER 5.85; TRAVEL 1284 KEIFFER, JONATHAN R. 84.19; UNIFORM & ACCESSORIES 2065 SPECIAL-OPS UNIFORMS 119.98; Utilities 2171 ONE NET 940.00; 2173 O G & E 8524.20; UTILITIES 1299 O G & E 336.70; 2076 O G & E 4009.24; 2184 CREEK CO RURAL WATER D#3 264.50; UTILITIES ELECTRIC SERVICE 2178 O G & E 1335.75; UTILITY 2172 ONE NET 640.00; 2186 O G & E 32.46; 2214 CITY OF BRISTOW 78.21; WATER 306 FIZZ-O WATER COMPANY 9.00; 2187 FIZZ-O WATER COMPANY 8.95; Health EQUIPMENT 2047 Amazon Capital Services 151.68; JANITORIAL 1613 HOMETOWN JANITORIAL SERVICES 1175.00; LEASE 574 Standley Systems 339.19; Supplies 1836 MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLIES 612.40; 2069 Amazon Capital Services 39.80; TRAINING 870 OSU-CTP 40.00; TRAVEL 1082 Hillard, Biesha 115.00; 1819 SMITH, BETH 110.00; 1820 Kayla McElroy 57.50; 1827 MCFARLAND, MARCELLA 27.50; 1829 TATE, DEBBIE 230.00; 1831 ALFROD, ALMETRICE 90.00; UTILITIES 1813 O G & E 1481.15; Highway DIESEL FUEL/GAS 1686 COMDATA INC 816.18; Dumpster(s) 1680 BUFFALO JOES JUNK REMOVAL & HAUL OFF SERVICE LLC 1500.00; EQUIPMENT 1927 P&K EQUIPMENT 8700.00; 1930 P&K EQUIPMENT 14160.00; Fuel 2206 ETHRIDGE OIL 26624.24; INSPECTION 74 APS FIRECO TULSA LLC 1197.02; LEASE/PURCHASE 2100 ARMSTRONG BANK 1014.94; 2102 SNB BANK 1556.98; 2103 Armstrong Bank 3069.89; OFFICE SUPPLIES 110 MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLIES 288.06; 1487 UniFirst Holdings Inc 125.86; PARTS & SUPPLIES 1070 ARROWHEAD TRUCK EQUIPMENT 4507.00; PARTS/ SUPPLIES 1077 TULSA GAS & GEAR 428.38; 1429 O'REILLY AUTO PARTS 1150.65; PAYMENT 1594 OTA PIKEPASS CENTER 5.55; PROFESSIONAL SERVICES 1065 GLOBAL 7 TESTING SOLUTIONS OKLAHOMA, LLC 820.00; QUARTERLY CONTRIBUTIONS 2204 OKLA EMPLOYMENT SEC COMM 29.83; 2205 OKLA EMPLOYMENT SEC COMM 734.42; 2208 OKLA EMPLOYMENT SEC COMM 987.05; 2209 OKLA EMPLOYMENT SEC COMM 1352.37; ROAD MATERIAL 1465 THE QUAPAW COMPANY 14980.22; SERVICE 1421 Republic Services #789 150.34; SIR TEST 1489 TotalSIR 36.50; SUPPLIES 1319 Capital One 222.94; 1460 VARNERS EQUIPMENT & HARDWARE 17.25; TRASH 1495 AMERICAN WASTE CONTROL INC 60.00; 1976 AMERICAN WASTE CONTROL INC 325.00; TRASH SERVICE 1474 GREEN ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES LLC 82.50; UNIFORM 1508 UniFirst Holdings Inc 1382.67; Utilities 982 DRUMRIGHT UTILITIES 147.90; 1468 A T & T 537.51; Hwy-ST ASPHALT 1807 DUNHAM ASPHALT SERVICE INC 15787.63; CYLINDER RENTAL 1676 Industrial Welding & Tools Supply 111.89; HAULING 1675 MIKE WOFFORD TRUCKING & GRADING LLC 4400.30; Parts & Labor 973 P&K EQUIPMENT 727.01; PARTS & SUPPLIES 1160 MANNFORD LAWN AND GARDEN 103.80; 1490 CHEROKEE HOSE & SUPPLY INC 78.02; 1498 FLEET PRIDE 238.00; 1808 MAXWELL SUPPLY OF TULSA INC 841.58; 2153 C3 INDUSTRIAL LLC 995.76; PIKE PASS 1446 OKLAHOMA TURNPIKE AUTHORITY 119.81; Repairs 2036 Dobbs Dozer Service 1850.00; 2181 Dobbs Dozer Service 2550.00; ROAD MATERIAL 1658 MIKE WOFFORD TRUCKING & GRADING LLC 3031.00; SIGN MATERIALS 1925 ROADSAFE 1392.24; SIGNS 936 TULSA COUNTY HIGHWAY CONSTRUCTION SIGNS 378.70; SUPPLIES 57 HARBOR FREIGHT TOOLS 62.95; Tires 1752 DIRECT DISCOUNT TIRE 4251.42; Jail-ST CCJ VEHICLE REPAIRS 2054 Midtown Auto & Diesel Repair Inc 427.37; ELEC SERV/JAIL 2074 A & M ELECTRIC INC 290.00; INMATE SUPPLIES 1870 CHARM TEX 510.00; INSPECTION 2198 FIRETROL 173.36; Maintenance 2182 WESTLAKE ACE HARDWARE OK-020 31.57; PO BOX RENT 2199 U S POSTMASTER 498.00; UNEMPLOYMENT TAXES 2197 OKLA EMPLOYMENT SEC COMM 2088.42; UTILITIES WATER 2183 SAPULPA RURAL WATER CO 2331.50; Juv Dent-ST UNEMPLOYMENT TAXES 2200 OKLA EMPLOYMENT SEC COMM 1334.79; UTILITIES WATER 2201 CITY OF BRISTOW 367.68; Planning/Zoning OFFICE FURNITURE 2042 MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLIES 770.00; POSTAGE 774 QUADIENT FINANCE USA INC 500.00; SUPPLIES 1329 MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLIES 60.59; 2216 MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLIES 212.91; Resale AIR FRESHENERS 1713 SCENTS PLUS LLC 50.00; IT Support 643 TM CONSULTING INC 1562.00; JANITORIAL 638 Gster Cleaning 600.00; LABOR 2218 WACOM SYSTEMS 85.00; Quarterly Contributions 2168 OKLA EMPLOYMENT SEC COMM 171.94; Supplies 2212 MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLIES 1424.91; TAX WARRANT SERVICE 1605 CREEK COUNTY SHERIFF 2450.00; RFD-ST BANK PAYMENT 389 ARMSTRONG BANK 3510.71; EQUIPMENT 1401 Smith Farm And Garden 4012.00; Maintenance 2164 J & K REPAIR LLC 1332.13; Safe Oklahoma - AG UNEMPLOYMENT TAXES 2202 OKLA EMPLOYMENT SEC COMM 2.29; SH Svc Fee COMPUTER/EQUIP 2066 Amazon Capital Services 1679.94; UNEMPLOYMENT TAXES 2195 OKLA EMPLOYMENT SEC COMM 181.98; Trash Cop UNEMPLOYMENT TAXES 2196 OKLA EMPLOYMENT SEC COMM 18.30;. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.

Item #6: NO DISCUSSION of new business. (In accordance with the Open Meetings Act, Title 25 O.S. § 311, new business is defined as any matter not known about or which could not have been reasonably foreseen within 24 hours of time of posting agenda.)

Item #7: DISCUSSION ONLY/NO ACTION on Courthouse Complex Parking Lot. Stephens discussed the hazardous traffic issue on Oak St. that has only gotten worse since Dewey is closed. We have always had this issue with safety and people pulling out of the eastside of the building not being able to see oncoming traffic or the people turning in not seeing a car, due to the parking alongside the doghouse and side of the building. I think that we should for safety and efficiency, we can barricade this portion off. Create ingress/egress in the main section, by using the entrance coming into the complex by the bank's eastside. This would also assist the Sheriff, if a situation was to occur. There was discussion if this would be a permanent closer or temporary, Stephens stated he would be for a permanent, but we can see how it goes first. The Board agreed on this closure and Stephens will place the barricades and work on signage.

Public Comment: Community Care presentation from Lisa Barton, Premier Consultant. Barton presented the Healthcare Plan with Community Care, stating a 2.0% increase, Telemedicine Plan (Tele-Doc) with a 0% increase, APL, Guardian's renewal for vision with a 3% increase, dental with a 0% increase, Life Insurance with a 12% increase, Retiree Life Insurance with a 14% increase, Voluntary Life, Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Plan and with no increase for 2023 employee health insurance. Lisa Barton, Premier Consulting Agent presented the new 2023 rates to the Board. Barton stated your claims data through August is at 90%, your loss ratio of claims verses premium for medical is 89.67%, You have 31 claims high claimants exceeding 10,000.00, with 4 employees that coverage has ended. Last year's loss ratio was 92% and 2021 was at 91%, so we are improving. Community Care started with a 10% increase in renewal, we have gotten them down to just a 2% with no plan change. Under today's conditions this is very reasonable. Stephens discussed the meetings and next year we go out to market in June to see what other companies may offer. We have the data now and we are improving our numbers. Barton stated you are down from 120%, when you guys first started. Dependent coverage was discussed, Warner stated he would like to do some more research on dependent coverage, and find a way for employees to cover their families. Tandra McClellan, Payroll Clerk discussed the sooner care qualification and Sooner Care 2.0 that is currently offered since our plan is a qualifying plan, we have several families that take advantage of this program that are not reflected on this report. Warner stated he would like to know how many are participating in the program. Also, Warner asked for a breakdown of utilization of the GAP Plan. Barton stated she will see what can be prepared. This item will be on next week to take action, as this item was missed on this week's agenda to take action.

Item #8: DISCUSSION ONLY/NO ACTION on appointing a new Creek County Ambulance Board member. Stephens stated that Sean Downes turned in his resignation last week, this leaves a spot open. I think we need to do some research and make sure all members are within the districts and verify the two at large members. Currently, the Board consists of one from each District and two at large per their bylaws. Stephens stated he thinks that Downes was an appointment from District #1, but is unsure. Warner discussed the need to make sure that the members are in the right districts. I have also had an inquiry to be placed on the board. Stephens stated they have had a good balance of members. Stephens stated I have had a request that we get another legal person appointed to replace Downes. Stephens stated he will review the list and get back to the Board on results.

Item #9: Motion was made by Warner and seconded by Whitehouse to approve using the ACCO Deductible Fund to pay for damages caused by a resident to a District #2 2007 Paystar 5900I SFA 6x4, in the amount of $1,453.93. Warner stated this claim was filed, as directed by Dusty with ACCO. This was not the counties' fault, a resident hit the vehicle and initially fled. They have since come forward and ACCO will now go after their insurance to recoup the cost of this claim. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.

Item #10: Motion was made by Warner and seconded by Whitehouse to sign Resolution#2022-154 changing the speed limit from 45 MPH to 35MPH on Frog Rock Road in District #2. Warner stated he has received calls from residents and had a community meeting. They are concerned with the speeding, as there are kids that play outside. This is approximately a two-mile graveled stretch of road, that is on the border of Creek/Pawnee County, just west of Keystone. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.

Item #11: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Whitehouse to approve Utility Permit from OG&E per County Specs for electric line, by boring, size of line 3-21C Oal(515), size of casing 5" sch. 40 poly, to parallel W. 191st St. S. approximately .1 miles E. of HWY 66, further described as 1850' E. of the N.W. corner of Section 8, T16N, R9E in District #1.  Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.

Item #12: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Whitehouse to approve Utility Permit from McGuire Brothers Construction per County Specs for sewer line, by open cut, size of line 8" PVC, to cross W. Ruth Avenue approximately 1/3-mile E. of Slick Rd. & W. Ruth, further described as 947.69' W. of the N.E. corner of Section 23, T17N, R10E in District #1. Stephens stated he has no issue with the open cut of the road, as it has been patched and will eventually be overlaid. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.

Item #13: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Warner to approve Utility Permit from East Central Electric Cooperative per County Specs for fiber optic plant by boring and trenching, size of line 1 ¼" to parallel and cross W. 176th St. S. approximately W. of S. 153rd W. Avenue in Section 32, T17N, R11 E in District #1. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.

Item #14: Motion was made by Warner and seconded by Whitehouse to approve Utility Permit from East Central Electric Cooperative per County Specs for fiber optic plant by boring and trenching, size of line 1 ¼" to parallel and cross S. 241st W. Avenue approximately E. of Dripping Springs Church in Section 28, T18N, R10E and Section 33, T18N, R10E in District #2. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.

Item#15: DISCUSSION ONLY/NO ACTION to consider approving utility permit request from Oklahoma Natural Gas Company to cross S. 161st W. Avenue approximately 3.40 miles W. & 1.86 miles N. of ST HWY 97 & ST HWY66 junction in District #2. Warner asked Glen Musser if he has spoken to ONG Representative about outstanding issues with previous approved permits. Warner stated we have several that have been approve, but left inactive for over a year and some that have open trenches that never was filled. I would like to have a sit-down conversation with the Representative on this matter, before I approve any more in my District. Musser stated he will reach back out to Jeremy Popplin, I have left several messages without receiving a call back. Whitehouse stated he will also assist with additional contacts with Northern Pipeline and ONG.

Item#16: DISCUSSION ONLY/NO ACTION to consider approving utility permit request from Oklahoma Natural Gas Company to cross W. 71st St. S. at 11181 W. 71st St. S. in District #2.

Item #17: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Warner to approve the request to draw down the first tranche of funds from the Local Assistance and Tribal Consistency Fund Program (LATCF), in the amount of $57,259.29 as pursuant to guidance provided by OSU County Training and the Oklahoma State Auditor's Office and create the accounts as 1570-1-2000-2005, 1570-1-2000-1110 and 1570-1-2000-4110. Goforth discussed eligibility of funds, capped amount, the reporting of once a year at the end of March and the current process of accepting the funds, as well as the expenditure of the funds. This will work much like the ARPA monies, as we will receive two drawn downs one this year and one next year in the same amount of $57,259.29, totaling $114,518.58. I believe the intent of the monies is to utilize original stated purpose and not just the approved categories, the intent from legislator's was to be used on public lands, examples lake access roads, BIA Community property needing remediation or any governmental purpose per the law. NACO has provided some guidance, as well as OSU County Training and the State Auditor. Goforth discussed the review process, we can operate it like we do with ARPA and the workgroup. Warner stated ACCO sent information out to the Commissioners Friday. Goforth discussed the past suit that the county participated in with Federal Lands having core land, rivers, streams, public hunting lands

Item #18: Discussion and possible action regarding the American Recovery Plan 2021 funds directed to Creek County by the federal government. Andrew Goforth updated the Board on the Reporting status and the limited-service administration offered by the Department of Treasury. They have utilized their $40 million dollar budget and now have cut services to all recipients. We now only have an email option and website with information to assist us moving forward. (1) No Road and Bridge requests from Commissioners, but Stephens stated he is ready for more funding. We have been able to help with long term solutions on our roads that benefits all citizens. I have been able to do most of my major collectors in my district. Warner stated he has not been able to do major collectors, as the number of roads that is in his district need a lot more attention. Warner stated we have only been able to do about nine miles of road. Whitehouse stated he has been able to impact a lot of roads in his area with this funding and I agree it has been very beneficial to the citizens.  Goforth reviewed the current expenditures between the districts. (2) Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Warner to approve paying for additional staffing at the jail for the remaining FY2023 with TurnKey, in the amount of $84,601.00. Stephens stated we are short paying this month's payment for nurse staffing, with the current contract that was approved we are obligated to pay. Roughly, the cost is $10,326.75 per month for this service stated Dana Logsdon, Deputy Commissioner. Joe Thompson, Under Sheriff spoke about the invaluable service that is being offered by having nursing staff 24/7. We can provide high instance of care for inmates and people being booked in. The Board discussed how this has helped with diagnosing inmates quicker and potentially reduced lawsuits, as well. Thompson stated this is something we would like to continue and would need to find the funding in the future to maintain this care. Warner discussed the 20% increase in cost from last fiscal year, Thompson stated it's medical you are always going to see increases, it is a high-risk liability for the company providing, as well. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.

Public Comment: Covey Murray, Emergency Management discussed the expired burn ban and the requests to have a new one placed. Murray presented the current forecast, along with current counties still participating in a burn ban. I have spoken to most chiefs and they are in favor of a new burn ban. I would like to have a special meeting on Thursday for the Board to consider placing a new ban on the county. The Board discussed a special meeting for Thursday, October 13, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. being a good time and day.

Adjournment: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Warner at 10:32 to adjourn and meet again on 10-17-22. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.