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Bid #23-1 Railroad Tank Car - Culverts

For a printable version of the 23-1 Railroad Tank Car - Culvert bid award (which includes all content as listed below), click here.

Jennifer Mortazavi

Creek County Clerk

317 E Lee, Room 100

Sapulpa, OK 74066

918-224-4084 * Purchasing 918-227-4909




September 19, 2022


The Railroad Yard, Inc.

PO Box 2283

Stillwater, OK 74076



             The Board of County Commissioners for Creek County, in their regular meeting of September 19, 2022, has awarded Bid #23-1 for "3 month railroad tank car- culvert" to The Railroad Yard, Inc.

Purchases will be based on availability & market pricing under submitted bid at the opening of each project.


Jana Thomas

Purchasing Department

For a full version of the 23-1 Railroad Tank Car Culvert bid award, please stop by our office at 317 E. Lee, Room 100, Sapulpa, OK to request a copy or request one via email to Jana, the Creek County Purchasing Agent.

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