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Tort Claim Instructions

Procedure for Citizen's Filing A Tort Claim

Mailing Address for filing Tort Claim:

Notice of Tort Claim against Creek County

Creek County Clerk's Office

317 E. Lee St., Ste. 100

Sapulpa, OK  74066

Directions for Filing Tort Claim:

1.      Claim shall be typed if possible. If typing is not feasible, neat, legible handwriting may be substituted.

2.      Claim shall be titled "NOTICE OF TORT CLAIM AGAINST CREEK COUNTY".

3.      Claim shall provide the following information in clear language:

a.       A thorough description of the incident.

b.      The location (address), date and time of the incident.

c.       Names of any and all known witnesses to the incident (and telephone numbers or other means of contact, if known).

d.      Name of the County employee to whom the incident was reported.

e.       The claimant's full name, address and home and work telephone numbers.

4.      Claimant shall document damage with photographs and submit with tort claim.

5.      Claimant shall provide "proof of ownership" -i.e. deed of property, title and/or registration of the vehicle.

6.      The claimant shall sign and date the tort claim before a notary.

7.      The claimant shall file the tort claim in the office of the County Clerk by either:

a.       Submitting the tort claim in person.

b.      Mailing the tort claim in an envelope to the address above.

8.      Claimant shall obtain a minimum of two (2) quotes for property damage.

9.      Claimant shall provide a minimum of two (2) estimates for vehicle repairs, utilizing repair shops of their choice.