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2021-9-7 Meeting Minutes

For a printable version of the September 07, 2021 Meeting Minutes (which includes all content as listed below), click here.

     September 07, 2021

The Board of County Commissioners of Creek County (BOCC) met in Regular Session on Tuesday, September 07, 2021 at 9:00 a.m., date and time duly posted.

Item #1: Meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by Chairman, Newt Stephens Jr. Roll Call Stephens present, Warner present, Roger Smith present.

Item #2: Statement of compliance with open meetings act-Chairman.

Item #3: Commissioner Stephens led the Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation.

Item #4: Motion was made by Warner and seconded by Smith to approve the minutes of August 30, 2021 and special meeting minutes of September 02, 2021.  Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Smith - Aye.

Item #5: Motion was made by Warner and seconded by Smith to approve August Monthly Reports from County Clerk, Health Department, Treasurer, District Attorney, Sheriff, and Assessor; Monthly Appropriations; Transfers $20,892.64 from 1102-6-4100-2005 Co HWY Unrestricted/M&O-D1 HWY FY2020-2021 to 1102-6-4100-2005 Co HWY Unrestricted/M&O-D1 HWY FY2022; $3,500.00 from 1103-6-4100-4030 Co Bridge & Rd Improv-D1 HWY FY2020-2021 to 1103-6-4100-4030 Co Bridge & Rd Improv-D1 HWY FY2022; 1313-6-8042-2005 HTX2-2 HWY FY2020-2021 to 1313-6-8042-2005 HTX2-2 HWY FY2022; $3,650.00 from 1102-6-4300-2005 Co HWY Unrestricted/M&O-D3 HWY FY2020-2021 to 1102-6-4300-2005 Co HWY Unrestricted/M&O-D3 HWY FY2022; $3,750.00 from 1102-6-6530-2005 CIRB/SB 1888-D3 HWY FY2020-2021 to 1102-6-6530-2005 CIRB/SB 1888-D3 HWY FY2022; $38,316.89 from 1103-6-4300-4030 Co Bridge & Rd Improve-D3 HWY FY2020-2021 to 1103-6-4300-4030 Co Bridge & Rd Improv-D3 HWY FY2022; $480.00 from 1313-6-8043-2005 HTX-D3 FY2020-2021 to 1313-6-8043-2005 HWY-D3 HWY FY2022; Blanket Purchase Orders #1572 - 1595; Purchase Orders #2020-2021 Jail-ST COMPUTER 6370 SHI INTERNATIONAL CORP 1005.20; UNIFORM & ACCESSORIES 5266 BAYSINGERS UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT 1128.09; Use-ST Materials 6319 THE QUAPAW COMPANY 23231.32; 2021-2022 911 Phone Utilities 1542 A T & T 3494.56; UTILITY 1530 A T & T 1607.09; CBRI ASPHALT 171 DUNHAM ASPHALT SERVICE INC 18897.72; SIR TEST 891 TotalSIR 36.50; SUPPLIES 116 T H ROGERS LUMBER CO 3.78; Drug Court CONFERENCE 4 ODMHSAS 180.00; Excess Resale EXCESS RESALE 24 ESTATE OF RAMON MAURICE SPIRNGER 25396.74; Flood Plain PERMIT FEE 1399 OK Dept Of Environmental Quality 100.00; General BOCC MINUTES 1196 SAPULPA DAILY HERALD 474.90; 1356 SAPULPA DAILY HERALD 516.45; 1532 SAPULPA DAILY HERALD 479.10; BOTTLED WATER 531 CULLIGAN OF TULSA 26.85; 1091 FIZZ-O WATER COMPANY 15.90; CCSO VEHICLE REPAIRS 87 Midtown Auto & Diesel Repair Inc 155.00; 699 Midtown Auto & Diesel Repair Inc 347.30; 1416 Midtown Auto & Diesel Repair Inc 391.25; COPIER CONTRACT 226 ADVANCED COPIER SYSTEMS LLC 260.39; Evidence Supplies 1210 Evident 85.18; FAN 1384 Amazon Capital Services 29.99; HARDWARE 1230 CASTLECOM LLC 210.00; JANITORIAL 527 Trout, Darrel 240.00; K-9 CARE 1537 ADVANCED CARE VETERINARY HOSPITAL 659.59; LABOR AND MATERIALS 1406 M&M LUMBER 603.78; OFFICE SUPPLIES 1523 MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLIES 67.38; PARTS, SUPPLIES, & SERVICE 25 A & M ELECTRIC INC 193.75; Rent 1014 B4 HOMES LLC 80.00; SERVICE 330 COX BUSINESS 47.04; 529 COX BUSINESS 362.90; 619 COX BUSINESS 36.93; 1005 COX BUSINESS 176.03; 1090 Verizon Wireless 160.04; Supplies 1371 Amazon Capital Services 651.56; 1566 MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLIES 395.16; TIRES/DEPUTY CARS 1518 BRISTOW TIRE & AUTO SERVICE 523.60; TIRES/REPAIRS/DEPUTY CARS 192 BRISTOW TIRE & AUTO SERVICE 145.90; TRASH SERVICE 1413 Waste Management Of Tulsa 63.83; TRAVEL 285 Myers, Randi 279.72; Utilities 1531 O G & E 7079.81; UTILITIES 523 O G & E 328.89; 1512 O G & E 2213.32; UTILITIES ELECTRIC SERVICE 1513 O G & E 1398.55; UTILITY 1517 Waste Management Of Tulsa 301.79; 1521 Waste Management Of Tulsa 172.07; 1524 COX BUSINESS 47.05; 1528 COX BUSINESS 112.77; 1540 O G & E 29.86; Vehicle Upfit 1554 LIGHT EM UP EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT 1335.00; WATER 1037 FIZZ-O WATER COMPANY 9.00; WINDSHIELD 1364 Safelite Fulfillment Inc 477.97; Health JANITORIAL 1325 HOMETOWN JANITORIAL SERVICES 1050.00; SERVICE 971 Waste Management Of Tulsa 124.95; 986 Metro Security 45.00; Service Call 1556 Shoemaker Mechanical 311.33; Supplies 987 MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLIES 498.99; 995 Capital One 200.96; 1228 WORKMAN PUBLISHING CO 199.38; TRAVEL 253 Frankenburger, Wendy 131.31; 258 DAVIS, SHERRIE D. 26.88; 264 Payne, Kellie 287.06; 997 Givings, Samantha 168.00; 999 TATE, DEBBIE 283.36; 1096 Foos, Sheila 26.21; 1346 SMITH, BETH 80.64; 1549 FARLEY, KELLI 46.57; UTILITIES 982 O G & E 1325.35; 994 CITY OF SAPULPA 169.25; Highway LEASE/PURCHASE 1449 SNB BANK 1476.23; 1480 ARMSTRONG BANK 1014.94; 1491 Armstrong Bank 3069.89; 1495 SNB BANK 1556.98; OFFICE SUPPLIES 148 MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLIES 186.63; PARTS/SUPPLIES 1085 JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL 59.98; 1156 P&K EQUIPMENT 297.68; PAYMENT 941 SNB BANK 1556.98; 957 SNB BANK 1476.23; 1081 OTA PIKEPASS CENTER 8.80; SERVICE CONTRACT 896 ATLINK SERVICES LLC 324.95; SUPPLIES 1151 Capital One 89.76; Tolls 1084 OTA PIKEPASS CENTER 6.95; TOOLS 1359 Amazon Capital Services 1439.03; Utilities 885 DRUMRIGHT UTILITIES 74.27; 888 A T & T 452.86; Hwy-ST Fuel 1515 LIONEL HARRIS OIL CO INC 16424.30; Gravel 751 THE QUAPAW COMPANY 3710.96; 1082 ANCHOR STONE COMPANY 32317.58; PARTS 142 CROWN PRODUCTS INC 207.49; 933 WARREN CAT 1016.40; PARTS & SUPPLIES 169 KUBOTA CENTER 834.37; 176 FARM PLAN DBA ATWOODS 169.99; 1165 FARM PLAN DBA ATWOODS 150.00; 1311 MAXWELL SUPPLY OF TULSA INC 149.54; ROAD MATERIALS 1308 ANCHOR STONE COMPANY 17507.81; SUPPLIES 602 Capital One 195.62; TRASH SERVICE 22 GREEN ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES LLC 75.00; 959 GREEN ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES LLC 75.00; TRUCK RENTAL 494 A+ Truck Rental 200.00; Jail-ST CCJ JAIL SUPPLIES/TOILET PAPER 1493 MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLIES 1236.01; CCJ MAINTENANCE 73 LOCKE SUPPLY 42.51; 204 WESTLAKE ACE HARDWARE OK-020 164.94; CCJ PLUMBING SERVICES 1514 CREEK ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS LLC 305.00; ELEC SERV/JAIL 1238 A & M ELECTRIC INC 255.00; JAIL VEHICLE MAINTENANCE 180 BRISTOW TIRE & AUTO SERVICE 15.00; MEDICAL SUPPLIES 883 MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLIES 2280.00; Plumbing Supplies 1134 MORRISON SUPPLY COMPANY 2306.38; TOOLS 1375 LOCKE SUPPLY 712.02; TRASH SERVICE 1414 Waste Management Of Tulsa 661.29; UTILITIES WATER 1559 SAPULPA RURAL WATER CO 2452.50; 1561 SAPULPA RURAL WATER CO 38.00; Juv Dent-ST CABLE 1525 DISH NETWORK 122.96; INTERNET SERVICE 1522 A T & T 67.37; JUVENILE DETENTION 1417 MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLIES 635.05; Resale BOTTLED WATER 774 FIZZ-O WATER COMPANY 38.80; EQUIPMENT 1053 FINANCIAL EQUIPMENT CO 2967.17; 1409 JRW INC 253.63; IT Support 787 TM CONSULTING INC 1487.00; 1142 TM CONSULTING INC 840.00; JANITORIAL 777 Gster Cleaning 520.00; SAFE DEPOSIT BOX RENT 1552 American Heritage Bank 75.00; SERVICE 351 COX BUSINESS 48.25; Supplies 367 WESTLAKE ACE HARDWARE OK-020 28.83; 1408 MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLIES 247.21; TAX WARRANT SERVICE 784 CREEK COUNTY SHERIFF 1350.00; SH Commissary Commissary 132 TIGER CORRECTIONAL 1850.71; SH Svc Fee FOOD FOR INMATES 106 TIGER CORRECTIONAL 4483.66. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Smith- Aye.

Item #6: NO DISCUSSION of new business. (In accordance with the Open Meetings Act, Title 25 O.S. § 311, new business is defined as any matter not known about or which could not have been reasonably foreseen within 24 hours of time of posting agenda.)

Item #7: Discussion and possible action regarding the American Recovery Plan 2021 funds directed to Creek County by the federal government. The Board had two bullet items to review this week. (#1) Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Warner to the use of ARPA Capital Outlay Funds to purchase 1 MDG250DF4-STD generator with trailer for $91,734.94 and 1 MDG100DF4-STD3 generator with trailer for $49,818.66 from Generac Power Systems GSA Contract GS07F0407X and approve transfer $141,553.60 from 1566-1-2000-1110 ARPA 2021/Salary Commissioners FY2021-2022 to 1566-1-2000-4110 ARPA 2021/Cap Outlay Commissioners FY2022. Project number 1566-1.12-2700-4110. Covey Murray, Emergency Management presented two quotes for two generators, through GSA Contract and Buy Board Contract. Murray stated that the units will not be able to run the whole Courthouse Complex, it can either run the Courthouse, Collins Building or Sheriff's Office. This could also be a backup generator for the Jail, Juvenile Center, water towers for Mounds, Drumright and Oilton, local nursing homes and fairgrounds. If we purchase a unit bigger that what we have here today, we will need a triple axle truck to pull it. There was discussion of the EC number with the Board and Andrew Goforth. With the Interim Final Rule, the language in 1.12 makes it on point for a Covid expenditure and expansive, where EC5 was directed to just water/sewer infrastructure. We will be storing the units at District #1. Bret Bowling, Sheriff stated that the Board might want to look into a service plan, the warranty will expire and these units need serviced. Warner asked about the additional electrical that will be needed once the units have been delivered. This will be an additional request for monies, after the electrician can come onsite and determine what will be needed, this may be paid out of different funding, as well. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Smith- Aye. (#2) Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Smith to accept and approve the Internal Application for ARPA Funds request. The application was presented by Jana Thomas, Purchasing Agent and reviewed by the Board.  This will be a regular agenda item for requests due by 4 p.m. on Thursday each week to be on the following Monday's agenda. Requests need to be email or given to Dana Logsdon, Deputy Commissioner.  Mortazavi asked about the requiring the inventory number, some departments will not have this number pre-determined. There was discussion on how we monitor getting information. Stephens stated the Board can develop an inventory tracking process with each item purchased to be ARPA and then the number to be determined by the Board at the time of approving. This would then allow the items to be tracked, since they have different requirements for disposing and transferring. This was discussed with Goforth and an additional agenda item will be on next week's agenda defining the process by resolution or documentation.  Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Smith- Aye. Next up is the External Call for Projects was presented by Jana Thomas, Purchasing Agent and reviewed by the Board. There was discussion on how the applications were going to be received, Stephens stated all applications will go to Barbara Albrittion, INCOG to be evaluated and then brought to the Board to determine approval or denial. Albritton stated there is no reason that the applications need to come to her first to score, the Committee (work group) needs to review. There was further review of application, Board recommended the removal of project number, this will be assigned once they complete next application. This first call for projects is for water and sewer, as this was the category the Board would like to start with. We need to add an additional bullet point for who are the eligible participants can apply, Goforth stated it needs to say open to cities, towns, utility authorities, public trusts, and title 81 water entities. Email for receiving application was updated to, there was discussion of this being placed on the county website. Stephens stated he will work on the website this week and update the Board next week. The Board discussed the cut off time for accepting call for projects and waiting for the REAP Grant application process to end, which will be October 15, 2021. We will have knowledge of what has been submitted through the REAP process and be able to maybe combine together with ARPA to make a bigger impact to our community stated the Board and Albritton. The Board asked that the project number box be removed, this will be assigned with the full application approval. Also, needing to be added is how many people will be impacted if approved and is there any current violations, this would allow us to see the urgency of the front side and may affect the priority if the number of people are fewer than others. The Board also asked that the last page for internal use be removed and added to the full application. Stephens asked that this item be placed on next week's agenda to review and bring back updated information.

Public Comment: The Board asked that we keep the Pilgrim and Hudson families in your thoughts and prayers.

Adjournment: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Warner at 10:13 a.m. and meet again 9-13-21. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Smith- Aye.