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2021-3-8-21 Meeting Minutes

For a printable version of the March 08, 2021 Meeting Agenda (which includes all content as listed below), click here.

   March 08, 2021

The Board of County Commissioners of Creek County (BOCC) met in Regular Session on Monday, March 08, 2021 at 9:00 a.m., date and time duly posted.

Item #1: Meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by Chairman, Newt Stephens Jr. Roll Call Stephens present, Warner present, Roger Smith present.

Item #2: Statement of compliance with open meetings act-Chairman.

Item #3: Commissioner Stephens led the Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation.

Item #4: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Smith to approve the minutes of March 1, 2021 with corrections to Item #15 adding permit extended to 60 days and Item #16: changing from there to their. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Smith - Aye.

Item #5: Motion was made by Warner and seconded by Smith to approve February Monthly Reports from County Clerk, District Attorney, Treasurer, Court Clerk, Election Board, OSU Extension Services, Sheriff, and Assessor; Monthly Reports from September 2020 to January 2021; Error Correction $35.00 from 001-1-2200-1110/SL1A to 001-1-2200-1130/SL1B FY2021; Monthly Appropriations; Contracts from Otis Elevator Company County Commissioner and Cox Business and Sheriff Office for Services Agreement; Blanket Purchase Orders #4773 - 4804; Purchase Orders # 2020-2021 911 Phone FEES 3881 OKLA DEPT OF PUBLIC SAFETY 350.00; UTILITY 4704 A T & T 48.88; 4725 A T & T 2396.88; 4726 Cimarron Telephone Co 192.81; 4734 A T & T 1607.09; CBRI CULVERTS 4173 FENSCO INC 378.00; MATERIAL 3859 DUNHAM ASPHALT SERVICE INC 538.49; Crt Clk Revolving SOFTWARE 60 KELLPRO COMPUTER SOLUTIONS 361.38; Supplies 57 BLUETARP CREDIT SERVICES 252.98; General AIR FRESHENERS 4033 Simply Scentsational 18.00; AMMUNITION 2643 G T DISTRIBUTORS 1079.92; BATTERIES 4717 Amazon Capital Services 26.48; BOCC MINUTES 4434 SAPULPA DAILY HERALD 293.55; CABLE INSTALLATION 4259 CASTLECOM LLC 985.00; CELL PHONE ACCESSORIES 4604 Amazon Capital Services 88.48; COMPUTER 4261 SHI INTERNATIONAL CORP 6040.70; COPIER CONTRACT 3873 ADVANCED COPIER SYSTEMS LLC 245.66; Equip Rental 3872 Lampton Welding Supply 18.81; FUEL 3884 COMDATA INC 7040.95; 4576 LIONEL HARRIS OIL CO INC 643.20; Insurance Premiums 4613 Guardian 74.61; IT Support 3772 TM CONSULTING INC 1457.00; JANITORIAL 2805 Trout, Darrel 240.00; MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT 2828 XEROX BUSINESS SOLUTIONS SOUTHWEST 50.00; 3259 Standley Systems 28.50; MAINTENANCE CONTRACT 4281 VERTIV CORPORATION 7025.54; Network Services 4742 COX COMMUNICATIONS 242.51; NEWSPAPER PUBLICATIONS 4553 SAPULPA DAILY HERALD 284.85; OFFICE FURNITURE 3831 MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLIES 895.00; 4539 MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLIES 175.00; 4705 MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLIES 220.00; 4719 MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLIES 130.00; OFFICE SUPPLIES 4597 MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLIES 93.03; 4618 MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLIES 38.99; PEST CONTROL 1604 EMCO TERMITE & PEST CONTROL INC 55.00; 3876 SILVER BULLET PEST SERVICES INC 100.00; 4045 EMCO TERMITE & PEST CONTROL INC 15.00; PROFESSIONAL SERVICES 4605 COMMUNITYCARE EAP 172.70; 4615 OTIS ELEVATOR COMPANY 44.04; 4700 EMCO TERMITE & PEST CONTROL INC 300.00; 4712 EMCO TERMITE & PEST CONTROL INC 350.00; RECERTIFICATION 3346 OKLA BOARD OF TESTS FOR ALCOHOL 30.00; RECYCLE SERVICE 3878 SHOW INC. 35.00; REPAIR 2972 CASTLECOM LLC 971.90; SERVICE 2842 COX COMMUNICATIONS 359.07; 4015 Imagenet Consulting LLC 1228.00; 4016 COX COMMUNICATIONS 47.85; 4038 COX COMMUNICATIONS 36.98; 4276 FIZZ-O WATER COMPANY 9.00; SERVICE AGREEMENT 2782 XEROX CORP 55.00; Supplies 4313 MIDWEST PRINTING 285.00; 4739 MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLIES 107.88; SUPPLIES 4620 MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLIES 165.85; 4621 MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLIES 17.58; SUPPLIES AND SERVICE 4307 Elder Water Consulting Inc 165.00; TIRES/DEPUTY CARS 4427 BRISTOW TIRE & AUTO SERVICE 131.33; 4572 BRISTOW TIRE & AUTO SERVICE 393.99; TRASH SERVICE 4708 Waste Management Of Tulsa 61.68; TRAVEL 4050 TROUT, CHRISTINE 83.16; UNIFORM & ACCESSORIES 3795 BAYSINGERS UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT 461.74; 3799 BAYSINGERS UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT 219.25; 4310 BAYSINGERS UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT 219.25; 4744 BAYSINGERS UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT 96.00; 4745 BAYSINGERS UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT 242.49; UTILITIES 2816 O G & E 503.27; 3001 CREEK CO RURAL WATER D#3 219.00; 4047 O G & E 872.71; UTILITIES ELECTRIC SERVICE 4711 O G & E 531.17; UTILITY 4703 CITY OF BRISTOW 69.73; 4713 COX COMMUNICATIONS 112.92; 4714 Waste Management Of Tulsa 166.28; 4715 Waste Management Of Tulsa 291.64; 4716 COX COMMUNICATIONS 47.86; 4724 O G & E 4915.33; 4736 ONE NET 640.00; 4737 ONE NET 470.00; Health HANDYMAN SERVICES 2360 MARK CROMWELL 200.00; LEASE 3512 Standley Systems 485.12; OVERAGES 3290 PREFERRED BUSINESS SYSTEMS LLC 433.10; POSTAGE 4732 POSTMASTER 550.00; REPAIRS 4073 Shoemaker Mechanical 14420.00; SERVICE 3506 Metro Security 45.00; 3515 Waste Management Of Tulsa 120.75; Supplies 4250 McKESSON 368.00; 4345 MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLIES 140.58; TRAVEL 3036 SMITH, BETH 42.56; 3915 DAVIS, SHERRIE D. 206.08; 4337 Givings, Samantha 206.08; UTILITIES 3500 CITY OF BRISTOW 102.73; 3508 O G & E 510.51; Highway CYLINDER RENTAL 4221 Lampton Welding Supply 87.72; DIESEL FUEL/GAS 4373 COMDATA INC 478.73; EQUIPMENT 3416 SWEEPSCRUB.COM LLC 470.65; 4090 OCT EQUIPMENT INC 106233.73; FUEL 4463 COMDATA MASTERCARD PROGRAM 113.98; 4730 BOWERS OIL CO 2109.38; Gravel 4369 ANCHOR STONE COMPANY 8236.78; LEASE/PURCHASE 4633 ARMSTRONG BANK 3069.89; 4634 ARMSTRONG BANK 1014.94; 4635 ARVEST EQUIPMENT FINANCE 3163.24; 4636 ARVEST EQUIPMENT FINANCE 2768.93; 4652 OK DEPT OF TRANSPORTATION 1791.56; 4655 SNB BANK 1556.98; 4656 SNB BANK 1476.23; OFFICE SUPPLIES 4175 MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLIES 328.00; OIL, HYD FLUID & GREASE 4594 Petrochoice Dynamo LLC 1588.04; PARTS/SUPPLIES 3858 WESTLAKE ACE HARDWARE OK-020 6.13; 4365 JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL 142.97; 4461 WARREN CAT 266.72; 4462 ARROWHEAD TRUCK EQUIPMENT 57.50; PAYMENT 4171 OTA PIKEPASS CENTER 7.45; 4214 OKLA DEPT OF TRANSPORTATION 1791.56; PIKE PASS 4215 OKLAHOMA TURNPIKE AUTHORITY 117.25; PROFESSIONAL SERVICES 4606 COMMUNITYCARE EAP 60.50; 4729 ALERE ESCREEN 250.00; Sand 4402 WATKINS SAND CO INC 2970.00; SERVICE 4370 OTA PIKEPASS CENTER 11.00; SERVICE CONTRACT 3864 ATLINK SERVICES LLC 324.95; SUPPLIES 3867 WALMART 473.06; 4235 CINTAS CORPORATION NO 2 397.74; UTILITIES 4166 O G & E 124.30; 4170 O G & E 444.14; Hwy-ST CONCRETE 3954 Shelton Redi-Mix 2209.00; CYLINDER RENTAL 4238 Industrial Welding & Tools Supply 96.21; Gravel 4231 ANCHOR STONE COMPANY 15885.64; parts 2271 MHC KENWORTH -Tulsa 910.28; PARTS AND SUPPLIES 1894 YELLOWHOUSE MACHINERY 789.68; 4196 FLEET PRIDE 231.02; Parts & Supplies 3671 STANDARD AUTO PARTS 997.29; 4223 C3 INDUSTRIAL LLC 490.19; ROAD MATERIALS 4018 THE QUAPAW COMPANY 12400.28; SIGN MATERIALS 4297 ROADSAFE 1032.00; TIRES & REPAIRS 1586 BRISTOW TIRE & AUTO SERVICE 54.00; Jail-ST CCJ MAINTENANCE 4627 ATWOODS 289.98; FUEL 3885 COMDATA INC 1444.46; INMATE SUPPLIES 4092 BOB BARKER CO INC 5054.76; JAIL CLEANING SUPPLIES 4409 MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLIES 842.60; JAIL KITCHEN SUPPLIES 4418 ECOLAB 294.39; LABOR 4009 CASTLECOM LLC 287.50; NATURAL GAS 4504 Symmetry Energy Solutions LLC 741.83; REPAIRS 4128 FIRETROL 810.00; TRASH SERVICE 4709 Waste Management Of Tulsa 639.05; Juv Dent-ST CABLE 4706 DISH NETWORK 122.93; FIRE CONTROL SYSTEM 4294 FIRETROL 570.00; FOOD 3486 SYSCO FOODS 2388.60; Ice Machine 4541 Amazon Capital Services 2418.00; INSPECTION 4592 FIRETROL 1806.00; INTERNET SERVICE 4707 A T & T 67.37; JUVENILE DETENTION 4602 MERRIFIELD OFFICE SUPPLIES 151.73; PEST CONTROL 3874 SILVER BULLET PEST SERVICES INC 280.00; PHONE & INTERNET SERVICES 4722 A T & T 448.77; RENEWAL FEES 4752 OKLAHOMA STATE DEPT OF HEALTH 125.00; UTILITIES WATER 4710 CITY OF BRISTOW 306.51; Planning/Zoning LEASE PYMT 4123 Quadient Leasing USA Inc 167.11; Resale FUEL 3371 COMDATA INC 330.48; JANITORIAL 4152 Gster Cleaning 520.00; LABOR 4072 WACOM SYSTEMS 25.00; SEARCH ENGINE 4143 LEXISNEXIS RISK SOLUTIONS 180.00; SERVICE 2515 COX COMMUNICATIONS 57.07; TAX WARRANT SERVICE 4157 CREEK COUNTY SHERIFF 100.00; RM&P SUPPLIES 4727 KELLPRO COMPUTER SOLUTIONS 74.00; SH Commissary Commissary 3882 TIGER CORRECTIONAL 2638.29; SH Svc Fee COMPUTER 4264 SHI INTERNATIONAL CORP 3201.00; FOOD FOR INMATES 3883 TIGER CORRECTIONAL 5202.91; JAIL KITCHEN SUPPLIES 4743 TIGER CORRECTIONAL 211.10. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Smith - Aye.

Item #6: NO DISCUSSION of new business. (In accordance with the Open Meetings Act, Title 25 O.S. § 311(A)(9), new business defined as any matter not known about or which could not have been reasonably foreseen within 24 hours of this meeting.

Item #7: Motion was made by Warner and seconded by Smith to sign Transcript and Deed on property located in J.W. Fulkerson 1st W1/2 of Lot 10, Blk 11 that was sold in Public Sale on March 1, 2021. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Smith - Aye.

Item #8: Motion was made by Warner and seconded by Smith to sign Transcript and Deed on property located in North Heights Lots 1 through 4, including Blk 15 that was sold in Public Sale on March 1, 2021. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Smith - Aye.

Item #9: Motion was made by Warner and seconded by Smith to sign Transcript and Deed on property located at 722 N. Twelfth St., Sapulpa, OK 74066, also known as Buena Vista #1 Lot 14, BLK 10 that was sold in Public Sale on March 1, 2021. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Smith - Aye.

Item #10: DISCUSSION ONLY/NO ACTION regarding the County Certification map from ODOT. Stephens stated we received four copies last week from ODOT, each district needs to review the submitted map and make changes accordingly. We all know that green indicates County Maintained roads and we have other designated colors stated on map. I would like to have each district review their maps and have them back by next week. This way we can coordinate with Cold Iron on the GIS updates and everything can be correct and ready for the new census redistricting. We want it to be clear, when this happens, that way there are no questions on what is county maintained. I would like to review the changes next Monday and then have it sent by March 22, 2021. We have all seventy-seven counties working on this, so if we could get it done quickly, we could have a head start. Mortazavi asked is ODOT going to provide the County with the updated map, once changes have been approved and made. We are still waiting on maps from several years ago, along with last years. Stephens stated that the updated map is available on ODOT's website. Stephens will discuss this with ODOT contact, there was discussion of submitting one map with all changes to ODOT and INCOG via email. Warner asked who would be able to scan the map and submit it to the entities. Mortazavi stated we have a plat scanner that could be used, if the paper size is available on our system. Stephens stated a copy of all changes would be good to keep, for county records, as well as each districts record. There was discussion with Warner and Stephens on the overlay process and information being applied to the INCOG system.

Item #11: Motion was made by Warner and seconded by Smith to sign Resolution#2021-34 surplussing one metal two drawer lateral file cabinet, one small wooden table with metal legs, one small metal frame cart with rollers, one wooden two drawer file cabinet, one laminate desk, twelve non-operable round day lights from jail pods, 119 old style jail employee polo shirts, one small Black and Decker refrigerator Model #BCFA17B serial number SN BKC355342 from the Sheriff's Office and Resolution#2021-34A disposing of the same to be junked. Bret Bowling, Sheriff stated that we are continuing to clean out stuff, this is not on our inventory, as it is under $500.00. We will have some metal items coming up to dispose of that we are gathering bids on. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Smith - Aye.

Item #12: DISCUSSION ONLY/NO ACTION on participating in Purple Wave Equipment Auction on March 11, 2021, and Western Oklahoma Statewide County Surplus Equipment Auction on March 12 and March 13, 2021. Andrew Goforth, Assistant District Attorney stated this is normally not an agenda item, but with the recent questions that was asked last week, I thought this would be a good opportunity to go over the process. We since have received the information and it has been clarified as well. The County does not participate in a lot of auction, recently District #1 went to Enlow Auction and purchased equipment, stated Goforth. Goforth asked Jana Thomas, Purchasing Agent if she would like to go over the process quickly. Thomas stated that the County must have a purchase order prior to attending the auction, listing the equipment and the maximum amount you are going to spend. Goforth is correct, we typically do not go before the Board, put with the recent relationship with Purple Wave and the possibility of purchasing three to four different pieces of equipment, can become a little tricky. It can become confusing to taxpayers seeing encumbered funds, canceled funds and then possibly another purchase order encumbered with the same dollar amount, for a different auction. Depending on the first auction and what is purchased could lower what they can spend on the second auction, there are just a lot of variables with the County side of things. Warner stated that ACCO holds two to three auctions a year and in different parts of the state. The one we are going to is the Western Oklahoma auction. Stephens explained the County process of purchasing to the public in attendance.

Item #13: Motion was made by Smith and seconded by Warner to approve Utility Permit from Creek County Rural Water District #1 per County Specs for 1" poly service line, by boring, size of line 1" poly, to cross W. 201st St. S. approximately .12 miles E. of Slick Rd. and 201st St. S. further described as 1975' W. of the S.E. corner of Section 10, T16N, R10E in District #3. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Smith - Aye.

Item #14: Motion was made by Warner and seconded by Smith to pass for one week until March 15, 2021 discussion and possible action to consider approving a utility permit request from the City of Oilton to cross W. 61st  St. S. approximately 0.3 miles west of Highway 99 and W. 61st St. S. junction in District #2. Warner asked if Glen had reviewed the request, he stated yes. Warner stated he is hesitant to approve a trench across a hard surface road. Warner asked Glen if the road was in good shape, Glen responded yes. Warner stated he would like to pass a week to speak with the City of Oilton on why they are wanting to trench a hard surface road. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Smith - Aye.

Public Comment: Don Engle asked Commissioner Warner if he was aware of the condition of a portion of 91st St. between HWY 97, what happened to the road. Warner stated this is the dividing line with the City and County, there had been a mining operation that wasn't approved of hauling 100,000.00 loads dirt out of there, it has since been shut down. This hauling has just torn up the road, we are not going to repair it until we have a joint meeting on Thursday, March 11, 2021, with the County, City of Sapulpa and Contractor to see if they are going to allow them to continue hauling. We are going to see if they will pay for the damages to the road.

Item #15: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Smith at 9:58 a.m. to enter into Executive Session for Discussion regarding the employment, hiring, appointment, promotion, demotion, disciplining or resignation of an individual salaried public office, County Purchasing Agent. This executive session is authorized by 25 O.S. § 307(B)(1). Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Smith - Aye. A motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Smith at 11:06 a.m. to come out of Executive Session. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Smith - Aye.

Item #16: DISCUSSION/NO ACTION regarding the above executive session discussion regarding the County Purchasing Agent. Stephens stated no discussion or action at this time.

Item #17: Motion was made by Warner and seconded by Smith to extend Resolution#2020-87 one more week until 3/15/21. Stephens stated the last update I received was from Thursday, March 4, 2021, we had 153 active cases. Warner and Stephens both stated we have been staying within the 150 to 160 range, we are definitely headed in the right direction stated Warner. I wasn't able to speak with the Judges last week, as they did not meet. They are supposed to have a meeting this week and I would like to discuss the plan of action moving forward into the next phase. We will need to make changes to our Resolution. As, they work with their current dockets and daily operations of the Courthouse. It is my understanding the worst appears to have past us and is over, but if you listen to some, the variants of this can become worse. I would like to keep what we have in place for one more week, until I have discussions with the Judges. Vote as follows: Stephens - No, Warner - Aye, Smith - Aye.

Adjournment: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Warner at 11:10 a.m. to adjourn and meet again 3-15-21. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Smith - Aye.